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Updated: Jun 19, 2022

It's not hard to notice that there is undoubtedly a rise in sustainable eating. We’re now more interested than ever in finding out where our food has come from, whether it is locally grown or if it is eco-friendly.

At Dodo, we are looking at how we can put these sustainable practices in our day-today use.

What is sustainability?

In a nutshell, the idea of sustainability is simply to avoid the diminishment of natural resources. Eating sustainably doesn’t need to be a major lifestyle change but can be done through small steps and changes in our everyday habits.

Why is it important?

The overall goal of sustainable catering is to decrease the negative impacts on our environment. This can be done by contributing to local economies & supplying people with healthy and nutritious food!

If you’d like to achieve one (or all) of these points:

  • Lower your greenhouse gas emissions

  • Investigate more sustainable diets

  • Learn about the impact of the food you eat

.. then sustainable eating is for you! Just a few small changes in your eating habits can make a world of difference.

How to provide sustainable catering

Attention all caterers! Here are all the tips and tricks you need for introducing sustainable catering and eco-friendly food habits into your workplace.

Source local & seasonal produce

Eating seasonally is an easy but effective way to introduce small, sustainable habits that are good for the planet. If you can, get locally sourced, seasonal fresh produce. Whether it’s fruit, vegetables, milk, or meat, the further your food travels, the larger your carbon footprint becomes. Getting your fresh produce from local suppliers lowers your food miles and therefore lowers your environmental impact. You will also be supporting local farmers and businesses, which is another win!

Reduce your food waste

A few solutions when it comes to limiting food waste include:

- Organising a compost for your home or office

- Donating your catering leftovers to organisations / charities.

- Ordering the correct amount of food where possible!)

Change your packaging

Here at Dodo, we endeavour to use environmentally friendly resources.

This means, when you order from us at pop-ups/festivals, we will be serving our food in biodegradable & recyclable containers. Where possible, we will aim to use 0 plastic, which isn’t as hard as you’d imagine!

So bring out the wooden forks and tuck in!

When catering for a private event ie. a party or wedding, we will aim to use minimum wastage & order from local, sustainable producers. We have connections with local food banks & organisations that we deliver our food wastage to.

Businesses helping businesses = a true win!

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